Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Cats Love Boxes~

I came across this article on Care2 and thought I would share. I am a big cat lover and love to watch cats play in a box. Hope you enjoy this article.
Cats love boxes: big boxes, small boxes, even items that resemble boxes, such as drawers, sinks and laundry baskets. But what is it about boxes that sends our feline friends into a frenzy?
Cats are instinctively drawn to boxes because they offer security. The confined space provides protection from predators, and it’s a great place to stalk prey while remaining virtually unseen.
Climbing onto, jumping into and hiding in boxes is simply part of a cat’s natural behavior, so providing an empty box or two is an inexpensive way to enrich your pet’s environment.
Leave a box in a safe place for your cat to play. You can drop in a couple of favorite toys or cut a few holes in the side so he can peek through or stick out a paw to swat at toys — or people.
Boxes also offer safe, cozy places for felines to nap. Cats sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, so it makes sense they’d seek out places where they’d be safe from attack.
Place a blanket in a box that’s about the right size for your cat and it will likely become one of his favorite places to nap. The confined space provides a sense of safety, and the sides of the box help maintain the animal’s body heat.
But while all cats instinctively appreciate a good box, no feline seems to enjoy cardboard quite as much as Maru, the Internet-famous cat with more than 400,000 YouTube subscribers.
In a 2010 interview with cat blog LoveMeow, Maru (as told to the blogger behind the website) said, “I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop going into a box when I see one. When I nap, I like a small box because it is snug and fits me just right. However, when I play, I prefer a huge one.”

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Safety Tips for Dogs by Care2

Happy Almost Halloween!

I came across this cool article at Care2 regarding tips on how to keep your dog safe during Halloween and thought I would share. I will look and see if there are any cat safety tips too. Enjoy!

It can be very fun for children to dress up and pretend to be a different character. But, dogs don’t understand the concept and can be very fearful of people wearing masks and costumes. And the huge number of children ringing the doorbell and yelling “Trick or Treat” can put many dogs into sensory overload. In my early adult years, I had a small dog with a heart murmur that had a heart attack on Halloween and died. The constant activity was too much for him. If I knew then what I know now, I would have kept him away from all of the noisy activity. provided this infograph, filled with helpful tips for keeping dogs safe on Halloween. I agree whole heartedly about keeping your dogs in a separate room, away from the trick or treaters. Many will benefit from being in a quiet room with a good chew toy, lights out, and calming canine music playing to keep them stress free. Cats will also benefit from being in a quiet room away from the noise by the front door. They require consistency in their environment, and Halloween is filled with unpredictable events for them

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Have a safe and very Spooky Halloween! Ruff! Ruff!
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Otters holding hands

I've seen this video before, but it's so worth sharing again. I promise that it will make you smile. Enjoy~

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cat and Soldier Rescue Each Other in Afghanistan~

In war-torn Afghanistan, an injured bengal-stripped cat found a friend just in time.
Sgt. Jesse Knott saw the kitty limping around the edges of a concrete barrier meant to protect the base from mortar attacks. A trail of fresh blood followed the feline. Sgt. Knott knew if he didn’t intervene, the cat would not make it, so he lured the cat into his office with a piece of delicious smelling steak.
Sgt. Knott nursed the cat back to health and named his new friend Koshka (Russian for cat). The favor however was soon returned, as Sgt. Knott claims this four-legged friend saved his life just a handful of months later. ”Koshka gave a lot of love back to me.”
Fortunately, Sgt. Knott still had Koshka when his two close friends were killed in a suicide attack. Sgt. Knott felt that if he hadn’t had Koshka to get him through the darkest days of his deployment, he likely would have committed suicide.  ”I lost all hope… It was my darkest time and he’s what got me through it. Just the bit of compassion and love that cat showed me is what it took to remind me to stay strong.”
Normally, soldiers are not allowed to keep pets while on duty, but an exception was made for Sgt. Knott after the sudden and violent loss of his two friends.
Sgt. Knott is now back in the US and so is Koshka, thanks to Knott’s parents who paid $3,000 to fly their son’s lifesaving furry angel home!

What a beautiful story. God's animals are truly precious. They were put on the earth for us to enjoy. So glad this kitty saved this man and brought him happiness. God Bless him and his kitty. 

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flipper the Robot Cat~

What a sweet and wonderful story. Someone had a heart of gold and helped this kitty. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. WTG! Can't wait to see Flipper walk very soon.

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