Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prayer Request for Charlie

Hello Pet Friends,

My friend Emma has a sweet dog named Charlie.
He recently had a treatment done.
I would like to ask for you all to please say a prayer for him.
I told Emma that I would post it on my blog.
She is very grateful. :-)

Here is the e-mail from Emma about his treatment (below)

Hi Janet,

He had his first treatment today..He did well and he is home. He is on a pain pill for where the shot was given and will get a lazer treatment tomorrow to help with the swollen and pain. He has some loose stool but they said that is normal.. He is eating and I saved him some roast chicken..he was happy about that..he's sleeping and resting. They said at the vets he watched everything..he's noisey like his human mom's!!! He has some more treatment to go...

Charlie had the lazer treatment today to help with the pain and swollen. He let them touch the area and you would never know he was in pain my sweet boy. He has alot ahead of him. He got so sick in the car on the way home from the vet. We felt so bad for him. He is fine now and I am making him turkey rice soup to settle his belly down.
Thanks for the prayers.
Hugs Emma

Thanks so much to all of you. xo

p.s. If you have ever need a prayer request for your pet please let me know and I will post it on my blog. Send all prayer requests to

Piggy and Hollingsworth

Here is a wonderful true
story that I came across
and just
had to share.

Funny how a serious and suddenly unexpected accident can alter someone's
life forever, isn't it?A hit-and-run driver changed a dog named Piggy's life. Once a rambunctious pup, Piggy is now wheelchair-dependent. But that hasn't stopped her
from loving life and teaching others how to cope with life's struggles.
When April Hollingsworth went to South Salt Lake shelter searching for her AWOL cat, the
last thing she expected to take home was a Pit Bull/Boxer mix. But the 10-month-old female pup charmed her way into Hollingsworth's heart by looking directly into her face -- and
simply smiling.Full of mischief, the dog earned the name Piggy, and was a constant
companion for Hollingsworth. Being an attorney, Hollingsworth logs long hours and
Piggy helped her to maintain a sense of balance.Then Piggy and Hollingsworth's lives
changed drastically.Almost four years ago, Piggy sustained serious injuries when she
was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Paralysis was immediately evident when Hollingsworth picked Piggy up after the accident. But not willing to give up, Hollingsworth pursued every avenue of treatment for her beloved dog.The end result: a wheelchair that allows Piggy to
walk on her own. One Sunday morning while walking Piggy in her wheeled cart, the two met Scott Williams coming out of a church near their home.Williams formed an immediate bond with Piggy. Having lost part of his feet from a rock climbing accident, Williams, too, lives life from
a wheelchair. "I'd never seen a dog with wheels for back legs," said Williams in an NPR Story Corp broadcast. "And her licking my face ... and she was happy!" Williams went on to explain, "Most people I meet in wheelchairs aren't happy very often." It was then that Hollingsworth realized Piggy had the power to make a difference for others. The extraordinary relationship forged between Williams and Piggy spurred Hollingsworth to get Piggy certified as a therapy dog with Intermountain Therapy Animals. Piggy now visits Shriners Hospital for Children in Salt Lake City every other week, and the effect she has on the children is mesmerizing. Piggy is beyond gentle with the patients, but most importantly, she is a role model for the kids going through a frightening illness or injury. Piggy's attitude to just keep trying and be happy doing it is infectious!

By Megan Drake

Good girl, Piggy!

Goes to show you how much we need to appreciate the things we have. :-)
Hope you enjoyed this article. Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainbow Bridge

Hi Pet Friends,

I came across this site and thought I would
share it with all of you. It is called Rainbow Bridge.
It's a great place to go for comfort if you lost a pet.
Please take a peek and pass it along to anyone you
know that might need comfort for the loss of their pet.

Thanks so much,