Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Catio You Say?

What do you do when you live in a big city but want to give your kitty some outdoor time? Create a catio, of course!

What’s a catio, you ask? The New York Times had a great article on the phenomenon, which involves screening-in an outdoor area so that cats can enjoy some fresh air.
Many of the featured cat owners came up with their own creative methods for creating these outdoor spaces on porches and patios. And, there are several companies (and even a catio blog!) that specialize in outdoor pet enclosures, which range from do-it-yourself kits to elaborate, maze-like structures. Catios aren’t just limited to city folk, either. People with backyards have unlimited options for outdoor kitty playgrounds.

Many of us know all too well that cats can get stir crazy when they don’t get to go outside. So a catio concept sounds ideal. I think we would be a bit nervous having a kitty out on a high balcony, but some of the closer-to-the-ground options seem fun.
Hope this information is of some help.