Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tales of Tinkerbell and Peggy Sue

There is an adorable cat in my neighborhood I want to share with all of you. Her name is Tinkerbell. She spends her time outdoors,but we love her and feed her daily. I wish I could keep her,but because of my allergies I don't think I can. My kids love her to pieces too. Here are two pics of her...

And the best part of all is that she is playing with the Peggy Sue Catnip doll. She held onto it so tight and played with it for hours and hours.
Isn't she adorable? If you own a cat you just have to get her a Peggy Sue Doll. Go to and you will find her there. A great toy for the holidays.
Have a purrfecty happy weekend,


  1. Oh Janet, she sure looks a lot like my Pinky, lol. I didn't know you also make the catnip dolls, too cute.
    Yup I still think about Elvis too:( He was my first kitty cat and I still miss him. I just have to believe he either is in cat heaven or is with a great new family. Otherwise I will go mad thinking he is roaming the streets :(

    Hugs and thanks for this link.